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Short URLs are VERY powerful marketing tools in any industry. When used strategically, links are direct mediums between your content and your customers, fans & visitors. CLYK provides short links and other features on steroids to allow you more control and visibility into your brand and what happens behind the scenes when your links are used.

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Make Your Social Pages Work FOR You

Using our Bio Profiles, you can put your online social pages like Instagram and Twitter to good use with a link in bio.

  • Handle Redirections
  • Grow Your Metrics
  • Simply Elegant Profiles

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Perfect for Sales & Marketing
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Understanding how your users and customers convert allows you to better market to them. CLYK provides you direct visibility and control of your internet funnel.

  • Manage Your Own Links
  • Password Protect URLs
  • Your Own Dashboard
Powerful tools that work
Powerful tools that work
QR Code Generator

Our easy to use QR Code Generator gives you access to dynamic and customizable QR Codes for all of your marketing campaigns. Analyze your own data to optimize your marketing strategies and increase engagement.

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Travel The World (In Data!)

CLYK lets you see where and what devices are being used to view your content. Giving insight to how your users and customers consume what you offer. Our system lets you to track all of it so the data is there for you to analyze and improve your methods of delivery.

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